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Laser Hair Removal + How to Prepare

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic medical procedure that delays reduces and removes undesired hair using a concentrated beam of laser light. This hair removal process involves a laser beam that emits a light that is absorbed by hair pigment known as melanin. The laser in this process causes localized damage to melanin by heating the basal stem cells in hair follicles, which are responsible for its growth. Laser hair removal is popular because of its speed and efficacy, which is dependent on the masterly hands of laser operators and the availability of technology used.

What to expect during laser hair removal process:

The process of laser hair removal is most effective on light skin and dark hair but you can come in or schedule a free consultation if you are unsure if you qualify for Laser Hair Removal and to explore our package and financing options.

  • Once your Laser Hair Removal appointment is scheduled, you will be asked to fill out our intake and release online that asks pertinent questions about your recent health history, allergies, and sensitivities.
  • Before your appointment be sure to avoid sun and UV exposure, Botox, and topical ointments on the area set to be treated. Typically 2-3 days before your appointment, shave the area being treated to allow some stubble to be present the day of the appointment. In Laser Hair Removal, the laser targets the hair in order to eliminate it, so there must be some hair present in order for the process to work.
  • The day of the appointment the treatment area would be cleansed and prepared for laser sessions, you’ll be given protective goggles to cover your eyes although you may still feel a flash of light during the process.
  • Once the process is done, you may be given ice packs and anti-inflammatory creams to ease any discomfort. Everybody is different but, many people say Laser Hair Removal hurts less than what was expected. Our dedicated team is also there to ensure you are comfortable and taken care of every step of the way.
  • The next appointment should be scheduled 2-4 weeks later depending on the individual and the area being treated. The complete process of laser hair removal varies but typically requires six-ten treatment sessions.

How to prepare for laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that requires particular SOP’s to follow because this is not simple hair removal. Still, it requires protocols to follow before and after practice. The following are the ways to prepare the skin before going into the procedure.

  • The area needs to be freshly showered, neat, and clean, free from cosmetics and fragrances.
  • In hair removal, laser targets the hair roots, so it should be present for treatment to be effective.
  • The treatment area should be shaved 2-3 days before treatment. Waxing, tweezing, and epilation is not recommended between laser treatments.
  • The treatment area should not be exposed to the sun, and UV tanning beds should be avoided before two weeks of treatment.
  • Topical products like hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, retinol, benzoyl peroxide should not be used three days before laser hair removal as these products can induce photosensitivity.
  • The area under treatment should not have Botox, dermal fillers, or chemical peels for at least 14 days before the process
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