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Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser tattoo removal is good news for people who want to eliminate unwanted and tedious tattoo designs from their bodies with minimal side effects. Many laser technologies are available to remove black and colored tattoo designs, where powerful Q-switched laser beams are used to target various colors of tattoo ink. Removal of black and other colors depends on the specific light absorption spectra of pigments used in tattoo designs. The treatment’s success depends on the age, size, and color of the tattoo, skin color, and depth at which ink was applied.

How to prepare for laser tattoo removal

Laser tattoo removal is considered a lunch break procedure one can resume his/her everyday activities before and after going into treatment. Here are some essential steps that must be considered before going into a laser tattoo removal procedure.

  • You would be advised to wash the area properly before coming to the laser clinic to remove the tattoo.
  • Treatment site should not be thread or wax before going into procedure at least 3-5 days before treatment.
  • Laser technicians will shave the hair if they are present at the site of tattoo removal.
  • The client is asked to have a good night’s sleep before going into the procedure.
  • Local anesthesia is applied 30 minutes before the process, which will cause temporary numbness of the site, and the laser device is held close to the surface of the skin to be treated by laser.
  • What to expect during the laser tattoo removal procedure?
  • At the aesthetic clinic, the laser technician would ask some questions regarding allergies, sensitivity, and past health history to ensure a safe laser session for unwanted tattoo removal.
  • You will be given a pair of protective goggles to shield your eyes.
  • The laser technician will test the skin’s reaction to the laser to determine the intensity and frequency of laser energy used for treatment.
  • Smaller tattoos will require fewer laser light pulses, while larger ones need more sessions to remove them. The client would be suspected to observe mild swelling, redness, tingling sensation similar to a sunburn, and slight discoloration may occur right after the first treatment of laser tattoo removal.
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